Wednesday, 3 April 2013


It is finally official. The mobile garage exhibition for students will be held on the 11th of May 2013 at the iHub starting from 9am to 4pm. We will get to showcase their apps in a competition for three top prices. Please note that the theme for this year is "Solutions for the next billion mobile users" therefore your app should be geared towards this. Mobile users in Africa make up 11% of the world total and this is a big market to tap into. Remember, the mobile apps industry is about getting there first so we should all take this opportunity and get to be seen. With increase in internet connectivity in Africa, there is a growing need for custom apps and localized solutions aimed at this niche.The apps showcase will be to introduce the next generation of developers so make sure you think about the future and not just remaking solutions that are already in existence.

A few words of advice from the genius... Please make sure that your app is geared towards Africa. Making a groundbreaking new app that serves the African people will get you higher chances of getting to the top ten at least.These kinds of events are very beneficial and we should be eagerly jumping at this opportunity. At the event there is planned to be a talk about startup failures. Well, the best way to learn is from other people's failures and avoiding replicating them. Just my opinion.... The sponsors are Samsung, Google and iHub so plenty of free t-shirts(i would attend just for the t-shirt so why shouldn't you??) Deadline for applications is on the 25th of April and with the event taking place on 11th of May you have enough time to turn that idea lying around in your notebook somewhere into a futuristic African app and get it ready for the event. For those who may want to get their apps hosted on Google Play but cannot afford the developer registration Fees($25) can get in touch with me using the comments below and I can add you to my developer account so that you can be able to add apps.I will however have to vet the apps before submission coz I got my standards you know.... bla bla bla!! Anyway, just make the best app you can and from there we can see what to do. I also have a samsung developer account but I ain't offering this as you can get your own for free by going to and registering for a developer account.The good thing with a Samsung app is that you can submit paid apps unlike Google (I wonder what is taking them so long.... Kenya is bubbling with potential appilionaires).So you guys just find an algorithm for balancing exams with app development and get us recognized out there. If we just sit on our app ideas some other person among the 7 billion plus in the world may think of the same and make billions off it. If you feel me just hit me on the comments down below and don't forget to follow me on Google+ for more awesome stuff. That is all for today. I haven't done the physics assignment and it is due next week( I was still researching on nuclear power production ;-) #lazybones...).

Oh!! Before I forget, the link for submitting your application is here and don't forget that the DEADLINE IS ON APRIL 25TH.
Good times geeks!!
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