Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Bugsense, CATs and OS lectures

Hey guys!! Hope you all had a fantastic day like I have. The circuit design test that was scheduled for today bounced as we say here at school as the lecturer had forgotten all about it and was miles away when it was time for the test. That was the beginning of an awesome day given the fact that we will not be doing a test this semester and only the lab sessions will be considered.

We also had a OS lecture in the afternoon looking at filesystems. Our Operating Systems lecturer is the chairman of the computer science department and he is always compliant with all the standards. He even has a test scheduled for Friday morning which has zero probability of bouncing. Well, I am always a good listener in his class so I am confident of getting some good score. Well, confidence can be bad sometimes as i got my ASM test results today and I got a 25/30. I was hoping to get higher than that but i guess that is what was meant for me.

I have taken part in the Vision Mobile developer survey here. I hope there will be more focus on Africa in teh next issue as we have a lot of untapped potential which goes to waste given the disencouraging conditions we find ourselves in. Anyway, that is not the point. If you are a developer and you wish to be part of the survey, click here and get to make your voice heard.

I have also integrated Bugsense into my app and I have realized that it is way easier than integrating google analytics. Am gonna take it for a test drive and give you guys the feedback after am done.

That is all for today guys and i will be posting again in a few hours so see you then!!
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