Tuesday, 9 April 2013


Hello guys!! Today has been quite a hectic day for me. I had to remove all the new features I had introduced into my app due to issues with the ADT. looks like I will have to read more on the Google+ platform in order to implement some of its features in my apps. Anyway, that is just a tip of the iceberg in regards to what I had to go through today.

I have a very important lesson in android development. Perhhaps the most important so far. You should never underestimate the size of your android development project. I had thought that I would be through with my app by yesterday but much to my amazement, I am still not even halfway through. ooks like i had fooled myself with a very simple description of the app and thought that the implementation would be also simple.

Well, i have learned to stop underestimating any app or game just because the mechanics are simple. The underlying implementation is always hour of coding, testing, refactoring and stuff. I have learned to respect even the simplest looking apps because I have experienced what it is like to put a very "simple" app logic into code.

That is all for now as I have a Calculus II test tomorrow and I still have to review a thousand plus concepts. I wish there was an app for that ;-) Adios people!! gotta read!
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