Thursday, 25 April 2013

The Evolution of the Brain

Hey guys!! Nice to meet you again after a while. We did not have any test today so am super-excited. Well, not completely as we have an OS test in the morning. Today I have realized that the whole semester I have not been doing much in terms of classwork but instead I have been concentrating on other stuff such as android, google apps script and a whole bunch of other nice stuff.

So, today I have had to read a lot of operating system stuff( stuff i already knew anyway) and do a mock test in order to be full prepared for the test and the examination next week on Tuesday. In fact, I spent a better half of my morning just going through a PDF I had downloaded (300 pages long) and by the time I was done I felt like I knew more than I was intending to. You see, the lecturer had taught as far as file systems but I read upto and including networking and security. It was fun getting to think in wider terms and having a different point of view on how things work.

Anyway, the entire day has been just reading and a circuit design lab in the afternoon which left me exhausted trying to assemble together a full adder and a half adder on a piece of breadboard and my phone battery providing the power. Anyway it was a fun experience but very tiring. That is why I prefer software in computer science.

I feel like i am very ready for the test tomorrow and the examination on Tuesday but what scares me at the moment is that we have a statistics exam on monday. That will be my nightmare (and daymare) for the entire weekend as I try to wrap my head around stuff I did not expect to be doing as a computer scientist. That is all for today guys but keep checking back for more account of my daymares at Egerton university during the exam season.
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