Sunday, 28 April 2013

'Twas the Night Before Exams.....

Hello guys!! Welcome to an exam fever season. Well, the scary exams are only tomorrow and that is Statistics I. After that I will be doing what brought me to university and I may even spare plenty of time for learning Unity 3D game engine. I downloaded the game engine two days ago and set it up for android development. Exams made me put the unity project aside but that won't be for long since i am getting motivation from the guys over at G3zar Studios.

Unity is great for developing cross-platform 3D games in a short duration of time. From the many positive reviews and the fact that I will only need to do the game scripting in C# (which I learnt for fun last year ;), I am definitely going to be sticking with it for a long long time. I hear they even have support for blackberry 10 games which is still in the beta testing stage but it increases the income sources as a game developer.

I have all the unity videos on my hard drive and all i need is time to dive into the game engine. Oh! I almost forgot!! I have a statistics exam tomorrow noon and I haven't read up on moment generating functions yet!! See you guys!!

Off to revise for the exam...........
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