Sunday, 13 October 2013

Safaricom Appwiz Incubation, Progress and More

Hey guys!! I have been away from quite some time but I do have a lot of good news to share. First of all, I managed to get into the Safaricom AppWiz Incubation Program at iLabAfrica. I have been there since August and we have done quite a bit of learning now. We have been taught to think not only as developers but as business people as well. We have been taught all the things that are involved in running a business and complying with regulations. Over the course of the incubation, we have got visits by some successful startups who narrated their experiences. People from uhasibu, kopokopo and other great startups were quick to inform us to always be ready for failure and challenges when starting a business.

We have managed to speak and interact with the very best in our industry and for that I am thankful. The incubation was great and as it is coming to a close, I am definitely a better techpreneur. I am now able to think about the business side of things of things instead of just getting a product out there with no monetization plan.

The people at iLabAfrica have been very helpful to provide us with all the assistance we needed especially Mr. Matogo who is the incubation manager. He has gone to great lengths to see that we get what we want and connected us with the best people in the industry. Sean Smith from Invested Development has also been of great assistance giving us not only the investment angle of things but also some insight on how we should improve our products and overall business plan.

Well, that is all the updates for now but I will be blogging soon with some more updates. Always check out this space and don't forget to download our games from the Google Play Store and visit our website for more information.
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