Monday, 2 December 2013

5 Habits of Highly Effective Project Managers

There are all sorts of project managers with varying backgrounds. The job of a project manager is one in which you can get your personality to shine and make it your own. However, it is also very demanding and requires a number of skills from anyone who wishes to be successful at it. Though skills may vary from one project to the next, there are a number of habits you must have in order to be effective. In the next few sections, we take a look at 5 of the top habits of highly effective project managers and why you need to include them in your daily routine if you are looking to be a great project manager.

1. They Never Stop Learning
In a project environment, there is always something new to be learnt every day. Because each new project comes with its own conditions, you have to learn something new each time you are undertaking a new project. The role of a project manager always has an element of freshness and something new to learn as long as you are willing to do so. Being willing to learn can really take you places as a project manager so you should try to always be inquisitive if you are to make it as a project manager.

2. They have Great Communication Skills
This is a very important skills for a project manager. In order to keep the team inspired and the relevant stakeholders in the loop about the progress of the project, effective communication comes in very handy. In this case, communication refers to both listening and passing the message across to the other party. In order to get the exact details of what is required for a project, listening and paying attention to details is a must.

3. They are good at Planning
It is the role of the project manager to make sure that all milestones are met and the project is on track. This requires a plan that will cover all the work needed and putting all this in the right time. This is not an easy feat to achieve as there are a lot of things that are usually involved in a project. All these things must have time allocated to them and often, good project managers make it look like an effortless task. This needs some training in order to perfect and get into a project management role.

4. They don’t need guidance to work
This is a very important habit for a project manager. Usually, it is the project manager who is left in charge of a huge complex project and they are fully in control of it. Starting a new project without having to be guided is a very good habit to develop as it shows that one is responsible and self-reliant. It is also an indicator of self-confidence in the project manager and they can be left in charge of large scale projects. An effective project manager will approach any new project with confidence no matter how huge it may seem.

5. They focus on relevant things
When working on a long term project, there are a lot of distractions that may crop up throwing the project off track. An effective project manager knows how to focus on the right thing at the right time in order to achieve the set objectives and avoid being sidetracked. Having a tool or technique to help one stay focused on the task at hand may come in very handy at this point and this is what training will help you with.
In case you are looking to be an effective project manager and develop the above listed habits in addition to a lot more, you can opt for online training. With online training, you learn all that is required in order to make you a great project manager from the convenience of your home or office. You do not have to travel up and down looking for a school that offers project management training while you can simply get online training in project management and save time and money.
There is a lot that you stand to benefit from learning about project management online and even the learning itself can be your first project as you can study within a set time period.

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